Use the Ecert invoicing module to increase invoicing efficiency

The Ecert invoicing module enables you to significantly reduce the effort spent in accounting – whether in simple invoicing or with turnover-based charging. All data collected during the inspection and certification process can be integrated into your invoicing calculations. In this way, inspection costs, work times and expenses can all be invoiced automatically without any further effort.

Furthermore, the module offers extensive supervision of articles making it possible to administer simple to very complex articles without difficulty, e.g. working time driven articles. It even makes the administration of graduated prices, accretion of discount, currencies, credits and cancellations very easy.

A great advantage of the module is that its constant overview of all invoicing data, which can also be made available to employees and can be used as basis or automatic certificate blocking.

Interfaces allow the invoicing data to be automatically exchanged with all current financial accounting programmes, e.g. Sage, Abacus, Quickbooks, etc. All that is necessary to benefit from these advantages is the activation of the module and some training.

The experiences of our clients have shown that by using the module the time between performance delivery and invoicing is reduced, resulting in considerable economic advantages.

Dora Studer, bio.inspecta explained: “bio.inspecta annually issues about 9,000 invoices. More than one half is based on really complex rating systems. With Ecert we are able to conduct our invoicing extremely efficiently and in a very streamline manner. Above all we appreciate that all documents related to an invoice (cover letters, certificates, special documents, etc.) can be printed out in a bulk run and quickly distributed.”

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